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Bank Indonesia Facilitates Business Matching and Business Coaching for MSME Players

Bank Indonesia facilitates business matching (business meeting) and business coaching (business consulting) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) actors to develop business capacity and expand access to MSME markets. Business matching activities and business coaching conducted as part of the 2019 Indonesian Creative Works Exhibition (KKI) series which will be held again on July 12-14 2019 at Exhibition Hall A, Jakarta Convention Center. Different from the previous year, KKI 2019 facilitated business matching between MSME players and financial institutions, marketplaces , and foreign aggregators / importers.

Business matching aims to appreciate and mobilize commitments in the context of developing MSMEs, among others by expanding the opportunities of MSMEs in gaining access to financing, cooperation and commitment to marketing MSME products for export through aggregators, as well as utilizing e-commerce .

In addition, in KKI 2019, Bank Indonesia also expanded business coaching activities to provide information and consultation to business people, especially MSMEs and prospective business people regarding the requirements needed to develop business through export activities, including facilities for MSME players, as well as bringing together MSMEs with e -commerce in order to expand market access. Through business coaching activities , SMEs are expected to get information, tips / tricks, and requirements in order to develop their capacity to expand their business to the export market.

Further information regarding the Indonesian Creative Works 2019 can be seen in the appendix.