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Consumer Survey June 2019: Consumer Optimism Stay Awake

The Bank Indonesia Consumer Survey in June 2019 indicates that consumer optimism is maintained. This is reflected in the June 2019 Consumer Confidence Index (IKK) which is at an optimistic level (> 100) which is 126.4, although slightly lower than the previous month's IKK of 128.2.

Maintained consumer optimism was supported by stronger consumer perceptions of the current economic conditions. This is indicated by the increase in the Current Economic Condition Index (IKE), which was driven by an increase in all components forming the index, namely the current income conditions, availability of employment and the purchase of durable goods. Consumer expectations of future economic conditions reflected in the Consumer Expectation Index (IEK) also remained good, albeit slightly declining mainly related to expectations of future business activities.

The survey results also indicate a decline in price pressures in the next 3 months (September 2019). The decline was driven by the maintained supply of consumer goods and the smooth distribution of goods. Meanwhile, price pressures in the next 6 months (December 2019) are expected to increase due to increased consumer demand for goods and services towards the end of the year.

The full results of the survey can be seen in the Consumer Survey on the Bank Indonesia website.